Jul 10, 2011

Sunset In July

Sunset In July

Look at this and listen to the 311 song that I'm posting next and tell me that it's not just a great combo.


Jun 10, 2011

Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska

I know it's been a long long time - and this isn't even a real post... I just wanted to share my favorite quote (and what seems to be the internets too) from one of my current favorite reads.


Apr 20, 2011

Super Secret Car shoot

I've been in San Francisco for the past 3 days shooting a print ad for a car. I'm bound by blood to not mention the name of the car, but it'll be pretty funny whenever you find out. I know I laughed.

I've never been to SF before but it was pretty cool - I wish I had some more time to walk around and check stuff out... maybe next time. However I did notice there was no Rice-a-Roni... I mean it's the San Francisco treat - c'mon now.

The shoot was pretty fun and everyone from the the other models to the crew were just great to work with. The photographer for the shoot was only 17!!! That blew me away - but she's easily the coolest 17 year old i've met.  I mean if it wasn't totally Illegal I'd date that girl. So talented - check out her work - www.oliviabee.com


Apr 7, 2011

Day One. (again)

I was supposed to start this workout over a week ago. But as my luck would have it I got sick on the same day. In my expierence working out while you're sick is never a good idea. Anyway skip forward a few days and I'm back on track. I wanted to get back into things pretty easy so I did a fairly intense pyramid workout for my bi's and tri's then I hopped on the treadmil and ran a light run (2 miles in 20 min.)


I stopped by GNC earlier (not because they have the best selection or prices, but because the guys USUALLY know about supplements) to pick up some new stuff. When I gained all my weight before I was usuing Cell tec creatine. It worked pretty well but it was mainly just water weight and it left me feeling bloated and gave me kind of a gut. I didn't want to go thru that again and the guy at GNC turned me on to a few things and explained why that was happening. I came out of there with some different stuff plus a pre workout drink - I've always been interested in them, but never tried them. The one I got is called C4 by Cellucor. From what I can tell it worked pretty well, I didn't get tired, but this was a simple workout. I'll see how things go in a couple weeks.


In the meantime I'm finally using the BBQ sauce I made a few days ago - pretty excited to see how it tastes on something dead and cooked over fire!



Mar 24, 2011

The Matt Klette Work Out for Skinny Guys

I keep on seeing all of these products, services, surgeries aimed at helping people LOOSE weight. Which is fine, I love seeing people get in shape. But that's only one demographic.

As a thinner guy with a ridiculous metabolism that most people would kill for, I've found it pretty dang hard to pack on weight and muscle. Sure there is always the easy way of HGH or Steroids, but who really wants to put that in your system? Plus I've never wanted to be body builder huge.

It seems like while the world is obsessed with people loosing weight, there seems to be no programs or advice for guys looking to pack on muscle - other than: work out, drink protein, eat protein.

I had enough!

About this time Last year I was tasked with gaining 20 pounds of pure muscle in right under 3 months time. I was impressed with my results and people who hadn't seen me during that gaining period were blown away with my body. I went from 178 to a whopping 205 at my peak. ALL MUSCLE.

I figured it was time to share how guys our size can pack on the muscle and look great.

I've made the conscience effort to stop working out as regularly as I was over the past several months. I wanted to loose my muscle mass (which is easy thanks to my crazy metabolism). I wanted to get back down to the low 170's and start again. But this time recording the process in detail. I want to make a plan to help out guys like me.

Today is day 1.

During the next 3 months I'll be updating with:

- What I eat. When I eat it. How much I eat.
- Supplements that I use.
-The exercises I do. How they are done. How to increase weight in a healthy way.
-Pictures. I won't blind you with pictures of myself, but I'll post a starting, middle point and finally a 3 month "final" picture.

I may wait and post all of this at the end of JUNE, but I may give an update here and there.

Here's to the skinny guys.


Mar 14, 2011

No Ho's in here.

No Ho's in here.

I absolutley hate when people mispronounce the name of this beer. I suffer severe brain damage from the blood clots that form when people try to correct me on the way to say it.

WHY would someone name their beer to sound like they have a garden of sluts growing outside?

get it right. WHO-GAR-DEN


Feb 27, 2011

Snow and Bill Walton

Yesterday I realized a couple of things that have plagued my thoughts since I've moved out to LA:

1. LA drivers are terrible. If it snows, will everyone die?

2. Old Basketball players roam this city, especially where I work. If old people have a hard time getting out of chairs and standing up - what happens when you're 7' and trying to do the same?

1. It's been unreasonably cold in LA the past few weeks. I live in Southern California, I did not sign up for tempertures in the 30's. But normally when it's cold it's always brite and sunny, just freezing. That was not the case this past week. It's been raining. My fear of massive snowy homicide on California's freeways has been growing until it actually came to fruitrition yesterday on my way to work.

Traffic was backed up unusually far from where it normally starts. I kept trying to peer around the bends to see where the looming accident would be. Nothing.

Then I saw it.

Sleet, Hail and Snow. Gods icy triplets were plummeting down on the 101 south. It was amazing. I got so excited I had to call and tell my roommate shouting on the phone, "It's SNOWING it's F-ing SNOWING"

The funny thing about the traffic is that it was backed up BEFORE the snow started. It's like people before they got to where it was coming down had to stop and take and deep breath and say "I can do this." As soon so the snow started the traffic sped up. Explain that to me.

From what I gather there were no deaths or major accidents. But there is a pretty big reason why.

The 5 was completely shut down. Five seconds of snow and Los Angeles just straight shuts down an entire freeway. I don't think I've ever seen that happen, but at least now I know what happens when it snows in LA.

2. Ok, this one is kinda creepy and pretty short.

Yesterday I was walking to my car from work at about 1am. I see a really tall old man walking down the street with a little asian girl about my age. I then noticed that said man was carrying a huge chair with him as he walked down the street.

Upon closing in on the two (I walk fast) I notice that this tall guy is actually Bill Walton.


Why Is Bill Walton carrying a chair walking down the streets of downtown LA at 1am. The only thing I can think of is that he brings his own chair when he goes out to eat.

Either that or he just totally went nuts and stole a chair from wherever he was.


Feb 14, 2011

Once a little boy sent me a charming card with a little drawing on it. I loved it. I answer all my children’s letters—sometimes very hastily—but this one I lingered over. I sent him a card and I drew a picture of a Wild Thing on it. I wrote, “Dear Jim: I loved your card.” Then I got a letter back from his mother and she said, “Jim loved your card so much he ate it.” That to me was one of the highest compliments I’ve ever received. He didn’t care that it was an original Maurice Sendak drawing or anything. He saw it, he loved it, he ate it.

Maurice Sendak